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Operating since 2008 in Izmir, our company was able to secure a successful position in its market with its professionalism.


We provide the following services for all your import and export transactions:

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Our company is doing market research for companies which are placed in Turkey or in different regions, then corresponding and geting across with sellers, buyers and manufacturers and following up for all type of businesses. While importing and exporting goods or products for companies which are importer or exporter, our company following up businesses such as; doing contracts, loading, transportation, customs duties and delivery of these goods or products. We are a consultant for all businesses about foreign trade in all priods. Besides this, we have also special consultancy services for Small and Medium Industry Development Organization such as; searching and following up for subsidies and promotions for foreign trade companies.

Victory is for those who can say "Victory is mine". Success is for those who can begin saying "I will succeed" and say "I have .succeeded" in the end.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk